Bring FYMM to Your Classroom or Organization

Feed Your Mind Music is excited to have the opportunity to work with your organization.  We believe that music changes lives every day. Through collective music making, children explore new avenues and realize their full potential.

The Music Matters workshops are designed to be an 8-12 week course in beginning and intermediate music performance for children and adults that have no previous experience or limited knowledge in music making. In these workshop students will learn:

–        Basic melodies on the recorder, keyboard, guitar and vocal
–        Sing on pitch and together in a group
–        Music literacy skills


$25.00 per student per 45 minutes sessions (minimum of 175.00 per session). 
15 minutes of theory and 30 minutes of play time with the instrument which are included in the fees. * Recorders are included in the fee. Guitars and Keyboards will be an additional equipment charge.
Contact us at to register your organization.

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