Based out of Brooklyn New York, Feed Your Mind Music is the premiere no cost afterschool music program for underserved children and teens. What we do is match professonal artists and instructors with in-need youth who do not have the opportunity or means to enroll in a traditional music program. We partner with schools, daycares, community based organizations to create an exciting, educational and creative outlet for our city’s youth.
In our Music Matters workshops, students have the opportunity to learn guitar, piano, trumpet, strings, vocals, music recording, and video production. Students are also able to take part in group performances and share their new musical skills at local senior citizen centers and hospitals.
The staff and instructors at Feed Your Mind Music have dedicated their lives to the study of music instruction, music theory and most importantly, helping others. Learn more below!

Our History

In 2009 several local New York City artist, musicians and video producers felt an urgent need to get involved with inspiring our inner city youth through music instruction and music theory.  We’d had enough of simply sitting and reading about the under-performing youth and gang violence within our very own community.  It was time to do something.

Four years later, Feed Your Mind Music has blossomed into the premiere after school music program in NYC.  Through this program, our dedicated team of artists and instructors help to create positive change through their gift of music . 

Looking towards the future, Feed Your Mind Music is working to expand so that we can reach and influence even more children and teens.  To learn how you can support our growth, click here.

​Our Mission

“Feed Your Mind Music seeks to develop stronger communities through constructive use of leisure time with music making and music learning in our city’s youth.”

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” -Ludwig van Beethoven

The fundamental key to Feed Your Mind Music’s program is conducting music learning activities within the student’s own community, and providing a safe and constructive environment to go to after school. The program wishes to show children how to create opportunities to serve and uplift their neighbors through music making. Feed Your Mind Music seeks to integrate the music learning within the scope of other community services that better enable students to constructively use leisure time. We believe that if the youth’s hands are occupied by holding an instrument of music, they are less likely to engage in nonproductive activities.

At the core of our belief of music education is a notion that the successes a student experiences with Feed Your Mind Music will enable them to translate their skills across disciplines- academic, vocational and personal- and create more self-aware and self-reliant individuals who can make a positive difference in their communities.